Jul 17, 2010

Gunshot survivor gets prosthetic face

Chrissy Steltz, 27, from Milwaukie, Oregon, was shot accidentally at close range by a friend at a party in march 1999.

The shot blew a huge hole in here face where her eyes and nose used to be.

Mrs. Steltz went into a coma and spent six weeks in hospital.

Doctors said it was a miracle she was not killed but the blast left her badly disfigured. She was also blinded and lost part of her hearing.

Mrs. Steltz, who married last year and has a one-year-old child, wore a sleeping mask to cover the hole but has now been given a prosthetic replacement 11 years later.

Doctors used photographs of her as a child to create the mask as they thought she would look like now.

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New blog and new address

Since my last blog was taken down last night for reasons that I'm not quite aware of (they haven't told me exactly why yet), I had to start another blog! How long I will be on this address, I don't know but I hope it will be for a while!
Hopefully I will be able to start where I left off in the other blog but all the things I wrote about there is lost I'm afraid! Who knows, maybe they will find out that they made a mistake with the other blog and let me continue with it!

May all your days be magical

//Danny Boston